Healthy Recipe: Raw Frozen Popsicles


A hydrated body can flow through asanas smoothly and with ease, and with the recent summer heat wave we’ve been experiencing throughout the Mid-Atlantic, yogis all over the DMV region are looking for healthy ways to stay hydrated and fueled pre- and post- yoga practices. With a little creativity, there are many simple ways to stay nourished and healthy throughout the hot summer months.

This budget and kid-friendly recipe for healthy Frozen Popsicles is both easy and satisfying. Turn your fresh foods into a cool summer treat and stay hydrated! Easy, fast, and healthy – and with only 3 ingredients. Enjoy!


  • Two handfuls of raw cashews or almonds
  • Two Bananas
  • 4-6 cups of Coconut Water


1.) Soak your raw cashews or almonds overnight in a bowl of water.

2.) Rinse and place the nuts in blender.

3.) Blend with bananas and coconut water until smooth.

4.) Pour the smoothie mixture into popsicle trays and place in freezer.

5.) Once frozen, pop the popsicles out of their trays, eat, and enjoy!